Tuesday, October 23, 2007

etiquette dilemma!

OK, apart from the egg sandwiches, I am bothered by an issue of etiquette. I want to know what you, the reader, thinks of this situation.

My good friend Jooby is having a going away party later this week before she goes on a long trip around Europe. It is a cocktail party and everybody is to bring a bottle of something and some food. Georgia is providing extra liquor from her own stash and helping to set up the party. I'm bringing vodka from my stash, buying a bottle of tequila and some nibblies. Jooby is going to buy some wine and champage. It should cost around $40 for each person. A little bit pricey, but far cheaper than going out. Besides, our contribution to giving her a good party is her goodbye present.

Two girls have decided that they do not want to drink, so they're not going to bring alcohol. Instead, they are bringing bottles of soft drink. This will cost them about $10 each.

Is this fair?

On one hand, if they're not going to be drinking alcohol, then I suppose it is fair.
I think that if everybody is paying $40 for Jooby to have a good party, they should too.
For example, I bought my friend Amy a bottle of vodka as a birthdya present. Did I drink the vodka? No, because it was a present. Isn't buying a bottle of liquor for a party the same thing?
Also, for every bottle of liquor not bought, somebody else will have to make up the lost numbers. My co-worker, Emily, had a similar issue. She and her boyfriend were to hold a cocktail party. She instructed all the guests to bring various bottles of liquor so they could make certain recipes. One girl was told to provide the tequila. At the last minute, she decided that she did not want to drink, so she didn't want to buy the tequila. This meant that Emily had to buy (as well as food and other bottles of liquor) the tequila herself. She was pretty annoyed.

"Was that rude of her?" she asked me. "I don't know why it's bothering so much. But it is."

What do you guys think?

Oversmelt at Uni

Sorry for the lack of substantial posts lately. I've got uni work leaking out of my ears.

I was sitting in the amphitheatre at uni before doing my uni work on this here laptop. A fellow sat near me with his friends and began eating a sandwich. Nothing wrong with that, really, except it was an egg sandwich. It smelt like raw fart. Whimpering in horror, I packed up my things and moved over near the library.

I am now sitting at a bench. A lady is sitting near me eating a salad.

What kind of salad do you ask?

An EGG salad.

And yes, it smells like a baby's pants after it's been eating curry.

What are the odds of that? I just cannot escape the farty smell of egg wherever I go, it seems.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Overheard at Uni

Welcome to a new regular segment in my blog called "Overheard at uni". This is exactly like "Overheard in NY" or "Overheard in the Office" except at uni... obviously.

Last week I heard someone in a cafe looking in a pastry cabinet and ask, "What's a filo?"
How you could grow up in a country with bakeries and not know what a filo is, I have no idea. What was even more silly was the response to her question.
"Uhh... I think it's the stuff inside the pastry."
Er, no, that would be the spinach and fetta. But an A for effort.


But today I heard a fantastic gem being screeched across the amphitheatre.

"Everybody wants to have sex with me, but I don't want to!"


Thankyou and good night.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fashion is pretty stupid.

Whilst browsing Target before Dan finished work yesterday, I have decided that fashion has hit an all time low. Every decade has its major fashion faux pas; the 80's had big shoulder pads, for example. The 90's had high, high pants. This decade? At the moment, there seems to be a horrible 60s/80s revival and it's going pretty downhill.

Here are my pet peeves of current fashion:

Pinafore dresses

There are a few variations on the pinafore dress but the trendy style at the moment is usually sleeveless, cut under the bust - or sometimes not cut at all - and billow out from there.

I have worn these sorts of dresses before... when I was five!

I don't understand why these dresses are so great. The majority of them are so shapeless that they either take far too many years off your age or make you look like you're pregnant. Sure, I suppose they're quite ideal for those not terribly comfortable with showing off too much of their figure. But because these dresses are so trendy, it's hard to find any other style.

I am a fairly curveless woman. Dresses that cinch or are cut at the waist (like NORMAL DRESSES) are most ideal for me. When I tried on a pinafore dress, I looked even younger than I usually do and like I was about to go pretend to be a fairy. UGH.

Bring back the 50s housewife dresses. At least they make you look like you have A BODY.

Stripper Heels
I was browsing the shoe section and came across some very hideous looking high heels. They were seemingly normal from the front but at the back... oh god no, the heel was transparent plastic. Kinda like...

stripper shoes! Oh no! The thought of middle aged bogan women tottering around with grimy heels and giggling "hurr hurr, i'm a stripper" frightens me.

WTF shoes

Katey in Kmart: "These shoes have tentacles!"
Although I don't wear them, ballet flat shoes look quite comfortable and easy to wear*. So why add unnecessary ribbon bits/tentacles to wrap up your leg?! They look quite elegant on actual ballet dancers, but otherwise they look like your leg is a piece of meat and its being wrapped up at the butchers.

By now you're probably thinking that I am a big fashion snob. Not to worry, I have some confessions.

- I was admiring some cute black and white dresses and tops at the Red Circle Boutique, relieved that at last I found some readily available, cheap clothes that I actually like. Then I looked at the label.
They were clothes from The Veronicas clothing range.

I felt so dirty.

- I bought a pair of high waisted black shorts. Pretty awful in its concept but by god, it's 30 degrees and I'll be fucked if i wear jeans.
Plus, they're comfortable. And not to worry, even though they are high waisted, there is no camel toe.

None of this.

- I actually kinda like the hypercolour shirts and skinny jeans look. Wouldn't wear it, but it looks cute. Sue me.

* if you didn't pick up that pokemon reference, you're clearly not nerdy enough.

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